Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

BMR 4 on FilM

This is all my film camera captured while out was out there,kinda bummed but I'm glad i got a few
not sure whats the deal with it, my homie Benji got me join in the right direction, but the damn thing only works sometimes,if your a film camera wizard show me a lesson sometime.. well heres what i got

Webbs trucks rules
Harps magical steed

Blu's ol dependable machiche of burnouts and falling down 

yeah thats us them crazies from HateCity

one of my favorites bikes of the show,i call it the swamp donkey moose knuckle

that dude Beaner in the water

Blu's head riding into camp

then we all fall down

thats our camp and that niGgaJimmy bout to get crazzzzzyy
fuck security and the police!!!

Adam your always with us,even if the camera gets you half way

Dills sweet pan of mystery

we play sports n shorts

sweet shirt

one from last years BMR,,this tank sweats magic

maybe next year i can work this damn camera correctly and get it right..this year was the most fun for me,i  made sure i had a good time,i rode up solo in the truck since my scootersteed is in progress,i didn't get caught up doing tattoos all day so i got to join the party,i made big fires chopped shit down with a blunt machete,fell on people (sorry Jeff),raised hell with my Haints homies from bama,Bdac and my Hooligan brothers (they likes to party and you should too) got in the circle pit with my big brother Roadside,kung fu'ed trees and shit with Darren, me and Blu and a few others came up with more words for our drunktionary,cracked a rib..HCH.Fuck it was fun I'm still trying to remember it all..if i find more pictures ill put em up but this is all for now..cant wait till next year.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

Knucklehead Fever

In every persons life there is a moment when you realize something. That something, whatever it may be could drive you insane or make your life incomplete. In my little world of motorbikes that something is a Harley-Davidson KnuckleHead. Its the one,the unicorn,the magical steed of motorbike awesomery. Many will say why waste your money on that old junk, you could have this and that,for way less you could buy on and so on.  Well to get to the point, chase your unicorn,get what you want and make it happen..and don't take no for an answer..

Now this painting you see above is just that.. its called "Knuckle Chasin"   its something I've been working on for weeks and have put many hours and thought selling prints of it to help fund my knuckle build,..if you would like to buy one contact me and i'll make it happen.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More round up

Dixie Round Up # 2

What a weekend,it was a blast. ill let the pictures do the talking but to sum it up ... lots of moonshine, some sweet motorbikes ,camping in the woods,old friends and some new ones, and a lot of tattooing of drunk people in some rowdy conditions so if you got one thanks & sorry at the same time haha i can't control the surroundings or your drunkeredness  ,next time come see me at the shop,see y'all at BMR