Friday, July 30, 2010



Help a rider in need

Help out
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"This evening as Joe and I were riding home to catch some dinner, I saw him go headfirst into a minivan who took an illegal turn. We both saw her. I was trailing I had time, Joe didn't he locked up tried to swerve but it was to late. Smash! I swerved and fishtailed, trying not to run Joe or his bike over. As tough as Joe is, He knew something was wrong and had to lay down. while I restrained myself from killing this bitch, by using every cuss word I knew at her. Cops come, Joes really banged up and is taken to the ER and I sort out the rest and don't kill the whore.After many test, catscan and Xrays. Joe needs two operations, on his hand and his leg. Both broke clean through the skin and severed his tendons and nerves, it happens tomorrow with 6 month of rehab to follow.

The first thing Joe asks when I get to the ER is "How is the bike?" And I say "not a scratch to the thing" It's now dubbed Miracle Flake, two accidents and still holds a shine! As for Boston it's now dubbed Shit City with horrible Cagers. Now I can't sleep and I want to fight a 46 year old lying bitch.

Pray the Choppergods, grant Joey a speedy recovery and a healthy one!

We still have a lot of ground to cover. Love you bro. " -Chris Earhart H.O.T.W.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

70's Survivor at bike night

Went to the local bike night today, saw this gem hiding in a sea of baggers and trikes,one of the only guys there without a stick up there ass,ride free old man.

Closing in

very soon all my hard work will pay all who have helped thanks to all who dont ever see it happening FUCK YOU!

Don't fuck with the south!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010