Friday, May 4, 2012

Knucklehead Fever

In every persons life there is a moment when you realize something. That something, whatever it may be could drive you insane or make your life incomplete. In my little world of motorbikes that something is a Harley-Davidson KnuckleHead. Its the one,the unicorn,the magical steed of motorbike awesomery. Many will say why waste your money on that old junk, you could have this and that,for way less you could buy on and so on.  Well to get to the point, chase your unicorn,get what you want and make it happen..and don't take no for an answer..

Now this painting you see above is just that.. its called "Knuckle Chasin"   its something I've been working on for weeks and have put many hours and thought selling prints of it to help fund my knuckle build,..if you would like to buy one contact me and i'll make it happen.

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