Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Magical Steed journey to BMR

Here's some shots I took with my ol 35mm I don't know shit about em except when the few times the pictures come out they are awesome ,

Big Mountain Run

Yeah I know this is late but , I'm moving to some new digs in the mountains of Ga so Interstates of the world wide web has been limited,, back to subject The Big Mountain Run kicked so muck ass this year .. A bunch of us had some pretty fresh builds and we all made it there and back home safe,, we got rowdy as fuck ,got hammered ,did some hand pokin tat zapper wizardry ,, yeah it's the best weekend of the year, made some new friends and partied are asses off in the woods, can't wait to doit again next year,, here's a few shots from me , Jessica Harp from BWB, And my wizard friend Hairbraine .

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Show Class Mag

If you havent got one yet you need to,, rad and rowdy it'll behttp://www.showclassmag.com/


Kicked so much ass it's not even funny, did some work on this reaper leg sleeve, then hit the road towards Nashville , we stopped and got some fire works , hit the town on Broadway St. Got rowdy with some of the best tattooers around at the nashville convetion then got me a sweet zapper to by muthafuckin Wes Carter, he is a bad ass, if your in Bowling Green Kentucky got see him, can't wait till next year

Friday 13th

It was good, we did some hand pokies on each other at the shop , then went to my buddy Chad's from Shop 102 and got some workings done on the bike

Bucket liners

So I busted some ass this week in between tat zappering my way across the time travel galaxy , being dad,getting ready for BMR and finding new digs for the family, got these helmets lined for all mi amigos and mine finally, if you want yours done let me know

Friday, May 13, 2011


That's right wizards n buzzards ,, free to roam,, fuck a mc .. M/E no rules no regulations just freedom on motor scoots!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Old Timer Tattoos

Well I'm starting an old timer grey beard tattoo album , i met this old man at the local bike night and didn't look as if he would have any, dressed to impress in shirt that looked like Nudie Cohn made it, we got to talking bikes and tattoos, while in service he got these in 1958 by "the tattoo king" up north near Pensilvania, wish I had more information about these . If you know more let me know