Sunday, September 18, 2011

Asheville Adventure

Yesterday Mitch and I took a short trip to Asheville hauling some parts,, it was pretty cool minus some hippies and hipsters , we went to Hughs HandBuilt , It was awesome, a plethora of some bitchin go fast motorbikes. While we were there some critters came strolling by on a crack haulin moped steed,we got some tacos for lunch and stopped by at Danny Reeds Hot Stuff Tattoo, i didn't have cash or the time but next time I'll make sure I have both, short Saturday adventure , next time on bikes though, there are some awesome roads on the way there

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Exhaust Makings

Yesterday was good. My bike was not in compliance with the rules of wear I live and because of that I wasnt able to ride without getting fined.. In major need of longer exhaust my buddy Chad from Shop102 once again made some magic happen,, from a box of pipe bends and straights and some links of ripple pipe he made this sweet pair of pipes for me.. If you live in Georgia and need some type of fab work this is the guy to see

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Sorry for the lack of post, but I've been doing work.. I'm not much for cover ups , but there is a time and a need for them, last week I did the eagle, it's was about a 25 year old tattoo done in the Navy,,, that hand is mine and thats me blasting some magic on it.I got the skull and helmet a few years back and was never happy with it. I couldn't decide if I wanted a wizard or diablo so it's a mix of both. Until next time..